Case Studies・WHAT

systems partnership

Recycle to Recycle, Reuse of Discarded Clothes

With waste-reducing as the process, zero

Sharing Recycled Food, Condensing Community to Live With Environmental Life.

Dish of tomorrow environmental restauran

Circular Architecture-Sells Residential Services and Does Not Sell Houses

TSC has actively introduced the circular

Whole Pig Application as Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

ACRO Biomedical has successfully develop

Cultivation of Groupers with Cold Water Drainage

In CPC, we turn our cold water drainage

The Perfect Technology of “Solid-State Fermentation” Changes Mung Bean into Gold

"Mung Bean" is a popular dessert to cool

Disposable to Reusable-Rentable Cups Service

ChingPiao Ltd. is a social start-up ente

Combination of ECO and COin Makes Recycling a Pleasure in Daily Life

ECOCO is a points system designed with c

Composting System for Biodegradable Fresh Produce Bags

Following TOAF’s advocacy for plastic re

Toward Friendly Filed Biodegradable Mulch Film

Chiao fu material cooperated with counci

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