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technical cycle

Textile Eco-Industrial Park Sustainability Model

Everest Textile upholds the “cradle to c

One More Footwear, One Less Wasting, One More Plant

"MIJILY", a brand under Dier Internation

Circular Architecture-Sells Residential Services and Does Not Sell Houses

Story Wear | The Eco Chic Fashion Story

Recycle to Recycle, Reuse of Discarded Clothes

With waste-reducing as the process, zero

Create a Value of Textile Industry Through R&D Innovation

Fushun is one of the largest suppliers o

Cultivation of Groupers with Cold Water Drainage

In CPC, we turn our cold water drainage

Disposable to Reusable-Rentable Cups Service

ChingPiao Ltd. is a social start-up ente

Shampoo and Body Wash Products Using 100% Renewable Plastic Bottle and Plastic Pump

As a green, sustainable and innovative b

Combination of ECO and COin Makes Recycling a Pleasure in Daily Life

ECOCO is a points system designed with c

Environmentally Friendly No-plastic Unpackaged Laundry Detergent Automatic Replenishing Machine

The use of unpackaged laundry detergent

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