About Us

We believe that Taiwan can become a leader in the global circular economy!

Mission and Vision

Circular Taiwan Network (“CTN” in short), is a nonprofit organization that promotes the development of a circular economy in Taiwan.

We love Taiwan deeply. Yet the island is facing numerous threats, including climate change, dependence on imports for resources, and pressures from increasing pollution and wastes. Although Taiwan has developed many effective ways of utilizing its resources, Taiwan can further its progress with a circular economy, turn its weaknesses into strengths, and play a leading role in a new era of sustainability.

Since our establishment in 2015, we have been communicating, advocating, and facilitating coordination between all facets of society (government, industries, universities, research institutes, civil society organizations, and the media) to encourage the transformation of Taiwanese industries and society. Our vision is to make circular economy a part of daily life in Taiwan and to make Taiwan a leader in the global circular economy movement.

We are committed to:


Using books, magazines, videos, presentations, talks, classes, workshops, social media, traditional media, etc. to stimulate new thinking and encourage transformation.


Work with government, legislators and think tanks to explore new ideas, redesign policies, and solidify a better legislative environment for the promotion of a circular economy.


Link government, industries, universities, institutes, civil society organizations, media and international organizations through the “CoPartners Circular Partner Platform” to encourage further advancement and collaboration.

We do not accept government funding and we pride ourselves on being an independent and objective organization. We also do not believe that we are alone on this journey towards sustainability. 

Will you join us? 

Board of Directors
Charles Huang
Chairman/ Founder of Circular Taiwan Network

Taiwan is committed to play a leadership role in fortifying the global movement toward circular economy. In addition to collaborating with the global trendsetters of circular economy, Taiwan can set benchmark and become a role model for the world in the development of circular economy.

Angela Chang
Former President of Taipei Financial Center Corp.

To ensure Taiwan’s future economic activities are sustainable, and social fabrics are solid, we must not continue to squander the limited resources, nor continue to endanger our land and the environment we live in. We are committed to align and connect with younger generations, and together to forge a social movement towards creation of a zero-waste, circular economic model.

Guy Wittich
Senior Policy Advisor of Ministry of Economic Affairs & Climate, Netherlands

Implementing a circular economy is the only way to save our planet from resource depletion, and the Circular Taiwan Network has made great strides by kick-starting the transformation process in Taiwan.

Suming Chang
Chairman of San Fu Global

I serve on the board of the Circular Taiwan Network, as my continuing commitment to my earlier support for the Taiwan Composting Association, an NGO also founded by Mr. Charles Huang. I believe a nation’s economic vitality and quality of life is largely defined by the state of “resources” and “energy”. It is critical to support the foundation’s efforts in promoting a sustainable economic model for our future generations in Taiwan.

Z.C. Chen
Chairman of BenQ Materials

Let’s foster a circular economy culture in Taiwan with our collective enthusiasm, creativity and innovation. By endeavoring in research, education and business model transformation, Taiwan can and should lead the Circular Economy revolution. The circular economy will ensure our kids and future generations can enjoy a more beautiful and sustainable mother Earth.

York Chang
Director of Taiwan Composting Association

Taiwan is a country lacking natural resources. As such, it is our responsibility and obligation to implement a circular economy to the fullest extent.

Sean Chao
Former CEO of Morgan Stanley Taiwan

I am excited to witness the rapid proliferation of circular economy concepts and actions in Taiwan’s public and private sectors, which have been further accelerated by the Circular Taiwan Network's efforts. We have a long way to go before achieving sustainable growth with zero waste, but I believe we could get on the fast track very soon.

Amy Cheng
President of Federal Transportation

The world needs to change, and we can't squander the earth's resources as we have in the past. Let’s support and energize passionate youth everywhere in the pursuit of the right thing.

Shadow Chen
CEO of Circular Taiwan Network

The concept of circular economy re-examines the relationship between people and objects. It will also reshape the relationship between humans and nature. However, there is no shortcut; the answer lies in every action of everyone one. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I always believe so.

Esther Tung
Director of Advocacy

Ya-Hsuan Tsai
Senior Campaigner

Erica Tian
Network Director

Joy Chou
Networking Specialist

Jeng-Shian Wang

Melu Wu
Networking Specialist

People often ask: “Why are you so invested in the transformation of Taiwan’s economy? Why circular economy?”

Because my actions are not for you or me, but for future generations.

Taiwan is heavily dependent on imports - Ninety percent of Taiwan’s energy, fertilizers, and feed are imported, as well as over sixty percent of its food. Taiwan imports large volumes of energy and raw materials because its factories reprocess them into finished products for export. However, Taiwan’s economic model is problematic because it contributes to challenges such as climate change, the growing gap between the rich and the poor, ecological imbalances, etc. I am constantly worried for the next generation – what would they dream of and aspire to under these conditions?

Circular economy is an economic model that can support economic activities, local employment, the environment, and independent energy development. Its promotion can not only inspire new industries, it can also induce the transformation of all industries in Taiwan. Its impact would be extensive, comprehensive, cross-industries and cross-borders. Innovations that derive from the circular economy will be the key drivers that transform Taiwan’s economy. In addition, it will be the compass that brings various Taiwanese sectors to work together and guides them towards the future. With this compass, we can figure out the steps to turn our current crisis into new opportunities.

What type of Taiwan will we leave the next generation in 2040?

Transformation towards a circular economy is no longer an option. It is a road towards which we must march! We can use the next 20 years to brainstorm a systematically planned circular economy with concrete steps that will create a zero-waste, zero-pollution circular Taiwan. On this road, there are no bystanders. Industries, government, academic institutions, and the media must all play a key role. Let us use this new growth model to create an inclusive Taiwan.

Charles Huang, Founder of Circular Taiwan Network

"Circular economy becomes the Norm !"

This ambitious vision is the driving force that keeps Circular Taiwan Network moving forward.

In order to change the existing immense economic system of production and consumption model, it is necessary to find levers that can continue to exert influence to deepen the changes and expand the scale.

The trust and support for Circular Taiwan Network are appreciated, and they help CTN continue to create a systematic transformation of Taiwan's circular economy:



"Before solving a problem, we need to have a common understanding of the problem."

Until 2021: Organized and participated in more than 200 speeches, forums, exhibitions and workshops, reaching 20,000+ people

"The localization of the circular economy, deepening the discussion in line with Taiwan's society and industrial culture"

  • In 2021: Published "Circular Taiwan", systematically compiling Taiwan's unique circular economy story, and proposing the vision of circular Taiwan 2040
  • In 2020: Hold the Asia-Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable "Post Epidemic Era" special online session, with participation of a total of 1,600 audiences from 18 countries in five continents
  • In 2019: Host the first "Asia-Pacific Circular Economy Roundtable" with more than 400 participants from 18 countries
  • 2019: Published "Towards A Circular Taiwan - a publication about circular economy cases in Taiwan", presenting Taiwan’s development in “Agriculture and Biomass”, “Textile and Plastics”, “Construction and Transportation”, and “Electronics and Chemistry” with 66 examples, and opening up people’s imagination of ife in a circular economy
  • In 2017: Published "Circular Economy", an index book introducing circular economy to the Chinese-speaking world
  • In 2015: Assisted Taoyuan City Government to hold the first forum of "Circular Economy in Taoyuan"
  •  ( Read more about our publications



"Incorporate circular economy into important policies"

Contribute President Tsai Ing-wen to attach importance to circular economy in her 2016 inaugural address——

"...We want Taiwan to move towards the era of circular economy..."

Promote circular economy into the “5+2 Industry Innovation Plan.”

"Make policy circular, to build an environment conducive to the development of circular economy"

Served as a committee member in important organization ; advisory review committee member for circular economy related projects.

  • National Sustainable Development Network of the Executive Yuan
    • Assist the organization to formulate Taiwan's sustainable development goals based on the United Nations sustainable development goals and ensure the integration of circular economy related indicators.
  • Environmental Protection Administration
    • Assist the "Resource Recycling Promotion Committee" to re-plan the "Resource Recycling Promotion Plan", from waste management to sustainable resource management. Incorporate circular economy indicators to develop a strategy which aims to "closed the loop."
    • Encourage the "Resource Recycling Fund Management" to design the policy which strengthens the product design.
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs
    • contribute the "Circular Material Verification and Matching Platform" project of the "Circular Economy Promotion Plan", strengthen the supply and demand matching of domestic materials, and enlarge the benefits of industrial symbiosis.



Diversity and mutual benefit are the core values of CTN. In addition to the core members, there is also a group of dedicated and professional volunteers, interns and the community working together. We believe that the social movement of the circular economy is like a snowball. As long as the direction is correct, it is getting bigger and bigger while rolling.

"Connecting Taiwan's Circular Economy Community"

The number of related communities in Taiwan has grown by leaps and bounds, and until now

  • Government: more than 10 ministries promote jointly
  • Industry: More than 300 companies have joined related organizations (including 4 state-owned enterprises)
  • Academic and research organization: more than 20 schools and research units include circular economy as subject
  • Social organization: More than 10 organizations regard circular economy as an important topic
  • Media: there are more than 200-300 related coverage and thematic series every year

"Connecting Taiwan's Industrial Supply Chain"

In 2019, the "CoPartners Community" was established to promote the implementation of circular economy in the industry and integrate the supply chain to promote the development of circular economy in the industry. Until now,

  • Connected 40+ circular partners
  • Reached 1000+ companies

Subject of focus: Product-as-a-Service 

  • Urge government use public procurement as a tool to support
    • Introduction the principle of Product-as-a-Service in the serve procurement in the social housing (Ministry of Interior)
    • Introduction of Product-as-a-Service of tableware washing equipment, tableware and range hoods in the environmental protection demonstration night market (Environmental Protection Administration)
    • The launched of seven chemical recycling models to encourage companies to adopt chemical leasing services


International Collaboration

"Let the world see Taiwan and make Taiwan a leader in the world's circular economy"

  • Introduce the progress of Taiwan's circular economy to the diplomatic representatives of many countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Haiti, etc.
  • Keynote speaker at the 2019 New Zealand-Taiwan Business Council, promoting circular economy as the theme of Taiwan-New Zealand business cooperation.
  • Speaker at the 2017 Taiwan-EU Circular Economy International Conference.

"Connecting Taiwan and the international circular economy community"

  • Hold the international study group every year to connect domestic and foreign communities.
  • Led a delegation to participate in the "Circular Hotspot" over the years, the Netherlands in 2016, Luxembourg in 2017, and Scotland in 2018 (share circular economy at the Scottish Parliament).
  • Led a delegation to participate in "The World Circular Economy Forum'' in 2018 and "Dutch Circular Economy Week'' in the same year

"Join International Initiatives and launch cooperation"

  • CTN is the first organization in Taiwan to sign the "New Plastic Economy Global Commitment", and introduce this global initiative-to improve plastic pollution through circular economy, to the Taiwan community (this initiative is jointly organized by the United Nations Environment Program and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation)
  • Signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) with Holland Circular Hotspot to exchange the experience and knowledge of both parties in promoting circular economy, and promote the exchange of related professions.
  • Signed a memorandum of cooperation (MOU) with the Netherlands Office Taipei to jointly promote and foster Taiwan-Dutch cooperation