In August of 2016, Taiwan Circular Economy Network attended the Chemical Summit Panel Discussion, which focused on the topic of Circular Parks. The event discussed the methods used to transform the thinking behind the chemical industry in Taiwan.

The Taiwan Chemical Industry Forum was collaboratively organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan Chemical Industry Association, and the Taiwan Circular Economy Network. The forum consisted of lectures by key stakeholders and other important figures.

Founder of the Taiwan Circular Economy Network, Charles Huang, gave a keynote speech on the four shifts in mindsets that need to take place in Taiwan in order to allow for the transition to a circular economy. Mr. Huang highlighted the necessity for change in every aspect of society, rather than just one sector.

Mr. Huang also discussed the four mindset changes that must take place in the transition from a linear economy to a circular economy. Taiwan is an advanced nation in terms of technological advancement, so the biggest obstacle to achieving a circular economy is a paradigm shift in society. These changes include an understanding that our natural resources are not infinite, seeing waste as a resource, and accepting a business model in which a business retains ownership of the product. These ideas being widespread in Taiwan would greatly accelerate the move toward a circular economy.