Remanufacturing is the Key to High Value Recycling

Remanufacturing is a recycling program that allows used products to be repurposed into new products at almost half the production cost. Since repurposed products may have even higher levels of performance and durability than the originals, they are considered as having higher economic, environmental, and societal values.

Two multinational corporations that have embraced remanufacturing are Philips and Rolls Royce. By injecting remanufacturing into their innovation processes, they are able to extract higher value and bring a more competitive edge to their new products.

Circular Taiwan hopes this report will encourage more industries, government, and research institutions to jointly promote Taiwan’s remanufacturing development.

This report will present the following:

  • How to move beyond the current practices of lowest cost manufacturing and resource depletion, to creating products high in economic, environmental, and societal value.
  • Cost-benefit analysis.
  • Accuracy, standard, and value retention comparison.
  • Case studies of product, service, and industry integration 4.0.
  • Development potentials and obstacles, actionable plans for government and businesses.

Initial Studies of Circular Procurement
( in Chinese )