Taiwan’s Innovative AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System

Our patented AgriDragon Biomimicry Farming System breaks the bottlenecks of subirrigation, improving soil fertility by making good use of sunlight, air, water and enriching beneficial microbial diversity. We entered Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park in 2012 to set up the farm and fermented drink manufactory. By integrating land, capital, and technologies to optimize the efficiency of resources, which are the safety of food, agriculture, environment, society, and nation could be consolidated.

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We innovate and advocate the industry pattern of production-operation-consumption integration in the specialized area to reduce carbon footprint and create a high-value circulation industry chain, providing the business start-up support for young farmers and jobs for the underprivileged.

Emulating the Ecology of Rainforests and How Human Body Functions

We enhance soil vitality through improving the effects of leaching, transpiration, and purification. Beneficial microorganisms constantly live and die, creating abundant nutrients and energy essential for plants.

The output module imitates human heart, arteries (transportation) and capillaries (diffusion) to deliver water, air and nutrient fluid to the soil, creating a soil condition moisturized underground which is yet dry on the surface. Plant’s absorption of water and nutrients is increased by its enhanced transpiration, which is similar to the mechanism of human skin. Plant diseases and pest infestation are greatly reduced.

  • Zero tillage. Helps carbon sequestration and mitigates global warming. Overcomes continuous cropping obstacles. Water & energy efficiency optimized. Manpower requirements reduced.
  • Mixed cropping. For example, intercropping of Danshen and scallions helps prevent root-knot nematodes. Soil productivity keeps improving; applicable to most soil conditions. Provides a solution to global food shortages. Increases the life force of crops and improves human health, effectively saving medical resources.

Zero Waste: Whole Plant is 100% Usable

High-quality plant materials meet strict quality standards for biomedicine and biotech industry, and are great for manufacturing fermentation drink and alcoholic beverage. Residual material can be grounded into high-fiber powder or returned to the farm. All are contributed to high productivity and circular economy with no parts being wasted. For example, all parts of Danshen can be used in cuisine or made into spirits, fermented beverage, vinegar, and herbal tea; its active ingredients can be extracted and utilized in functional foods and skincare products.


  • No chemical fertilizers or pesticides. High quality and high productivity.
  • Water usage reduced up to 70-80%. Gravity-fed irrigation devices achieve low energy consumption.

Cultivation of Groupers with Cold Water Drainage