Cultivation of Groupers with Cold Water Drainage

In CPC, we turn our cold water drainage into a precious resource for the cultivation of Groupers.Not only does this helps local aquaculturists reduce the cost, but it also brings resounding success to Kaohsiung Yongan District, which now known as the "Grouper Kingdom". Through resource sharing, we show how an enterprise build up good neighborly relations with the local community.

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The Kaohsiung Yongan Aquaculture Production Area covers approximately 1,200 hectares; with groupers, milkfish and shrimps as its main high-value aquatic products. Previously, local aquaculturists had to build water pipelines by themselves to pump sea water back to each fish farm. The fluctuating temperature between hot and cold seasons and unstable water quality could sometimes lead to microbe proliferation,

Good for Fish, Good for the Community

In compliance with Taiwan government's "Circular Economy" policy, and in response to local community's requests, CPC offers LNG-cooled water for free. With the use of underground culvert for water transportation, it is now more convenient to pump water to each pond, and the cost of pipeline maintenance could be diminished. The LNG-cooled water is such a precious resource for the community in Yongan District which it is now referred to as "Diamond Water".


  • CPC has contributed to aquaculture industry development in Yongan Aquaculture Production Area, resulting in 1.5~2 billion total market value per year.
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