Environmentally Friendly No-plastic Unpackaged Laundry Detergent Automatic Replenishing Machine

The use of unpackaged laundry detergent automatic replenishing machine, which includes subverting the tradition, innovating the operation mode, establishing sales channels, adopting the exclusive "empty bottle filling, local purchase, time-saving convenience, unlimited amount" sales model, no plastic bottles and Replenish the package, eliminating unnecessary packaging and less pollution and damage to the environment.

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Household cleaning products packaging: shower gel, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent and kitchen bathroom cleaners, etc. Many cleaning products in daily life have an "environmental supplement package". But according to the survey, the commercial environmental protection package has 67.65% marked with wrong recycling method; 24% of them did not have recycling marks, to instruct consumers to discard the trash cans after use, which is still causing waste.

Consumers Can Bring Their Own Empty Bottles and Then Fill the Bottles With Laundry Detergent.

After the laundry detergent is used up, you can keep the empty bottles and then the laundry detergent can be replenished by laundry detergent automatic replenishing machine. You can purchase according to the numbers of people in the family. By adopting the way of self-prepared empty bottles, we will change our consumption habits and establish a concept of recycling resources from daily life to reduce waste generation which makes a contribution to the earth.

Empty Bottles Are Recycled and Reused

The existing empty bottles at home can be reused, and one empty bottle or the disposal of the supplementary bags can be reduced once purchased ;the subsequent processing cost of being discarded after use of the empty bottles is also reduced. Recycling still generates costs and increase carbon emissions. Reducing the production of plastic waste from the source is the most effective way to reduce plasticity.

Eliminate The Cost of Packaging Shelves. Environmental Protection and Saving Money.

Consumers fill their empty bottles repeatedly to remove unnecessary one-time costs, such as advertising labels. The manufacturing cost of the bottle body, the cost of the shelf, etc., are fed back to the consumers, and the price of the laundry detergent is 30% cheaper, the quality of the laundry detergent is also provided. This is to attract consumers with the price.


  • Based on a monthly sales of 600 liters per machine, each machine reduces more than 2,500 plastic empty bottles or plastic bags per year, approximately 852 kg CO2e/year.