Combination of ECO and COin Makes Recycling a Pleasure in Daily Life

ECOCO is a points system designed with circular economy to make doing things for the environment fun and rewarding, and invite more people, companies and organizations to work together for our planet. ECOCO combines the ideas of recycling, coupons, and recycled products into a recycle platform: “ECOCO Circular Economy.” The name ECOCO consisted of ECO and COin, which represents both the concept of resource regeneration and sustainable development.

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Owing to the eagerness for a better world where our next generation grows up, we started from our hometown, Tainan, in an interesting way to invite more people to join us. Tainan is the first station of ECOCO. We will move forward and make recycling become an enjoyment in every city.

An Easy Way to Protect the Environment

ECOCO smart recycling machine accepts PP drinking cup (the pioneer in the world), PET plastic bottles and aluminum cans; equipped with optical identification, automatic sorting and compactor which can compressed containers to 1/8 original volume. The high speed recycling way (42 bottles per minute) makes eco-friendly behavior more efficient. You can download and register an account with ECOCO App, than enter your account on the ECOCO hub. Begin to insert bottles and gain ECOCO points which will be recorded in your account. You can also manage points in the App.

Get Coupons as Rewards

ECOCO specializes in high-tech smart recycling machines with gamification factors. Users join the system and get coupons as rewards for their eco-friendly behaviors. ECOCO’s innovative approach to circular economy makes “Recycling” fun and relevant to our daily lives. Using the app, you can select the shop and points you want to claim, and redeem digital coupons in the App or print out coupon vouchers by tapping App screen with QR Code against the ECOCO hub scanner. ECOCO’s brand partners offer discounts for coupons. For instance, using 20 points to redeem 10-dollars-discount coupon for a cup of drinks, 8 points to redeem 1-dollar-discount coupon in retail stores. It also helps ECOCO’s brand partners’ customer flow grows.

Meaningful Recycling Behavior

ECOCO cooperates with professional design teams, and reproduce recycled materials into creative products, reduce the waste of energy and natural resources. This is how ECOCO circular system works.


  • The average weights each machine recycles per month is 2 metric tons.
  • Over 3.2 million of bottles/drinking cups/aluminum cans have been recycled in 1 year.
  • More than 152.16 Metric tons of carbon emission reduction.

Shampoo and Body Wash Products Using 100% Renewable Plastic Bottle and Plastic Pump