Shampoo and Body Wash Products Using 100% Renewable Plastic Bottle and Plastic Pump

As a green, sustainable and innovative brand, Hair O’right International Corporation has been dedicated to the development of green products. After the world's first Tree in the Bottle Shampoo made its debut in 2010, O’right launched Asia's first certified 100% renewable plastic bottle and renewable plasticpump, which are now used in all of its shampoo and body wash products.

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The climate change is not only damaging our planet, but greatly harming the global economy and our land. Following the green movement trend, the efficient usage of energy-resources and the management of general waste are critical to ensure the continuation of this sustainable movement. Among these movements, carbon reduction has become the most important globally mission of all.

A Successful Green Innovation Strategy

We cooperate with Da-Fon Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the 100% renewable plastic bottle and cooperate with Living Fountain Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd. to develop the renewable plasticpump. Also, we are the first company in the world to boast a signboard made from 416 recycled t-shirts and 175 kg of recycled plastics in 2019.

Building a Zero Carbon Hair Beauty Leadership Brand

In 2011, O’right released its first carbon-neutral shampoo; in 2018, it successfully obtained the “Carbon-Neutral Certificate” for its operational practices and the “Nine Products”. Additionally, the company further promises to fulfill zero-waste manufacuring in its factories by 2020 and to fully utilize renewable energy by 2025. O’right has cooperated with our supply chain to put circular economy into practice and develop carbon-neutral products, which makes it the number one zero carbon beauty brand in the world.

O'right has never been just a hair and skin care company, but a brand that is dedicated to giving people, society and the environment the best care they deserve. Inspired by nature, we have made it our mission to maximize the value of resources and find value in agricultural waste with our supply chain; offering sustainably-sourced formulations developed with environmentally-friendly technology to lead the way in sustainability.


  • We have put the 「Cradle to Cradle principle」 into practice by using 75,197,020 kg recycled plastic thus far, and succesfully reduced 130,517,607 kg carbon emitions since 2016.