Toward Friendly Filed Biodegradable Mulch Film

Chiao fu material cooperated with council of agriculture executive yuan for agriculture technology project, which depends on friendly filed and recycled concept to develop biodegradable mulch film and to help farmer to reduce human resource cost and lower pollution for environment.
By combining different professional areas to integrate government resources, it enhances business production skills to implement resource recycled opportunity and benefit.

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To resolve farmer manpower cost and recycling problem: In the past crop harvesting period, farmers had to hire people to do PE mulch film recycle. But this traditional PE mulch film which can not be decomposed,and the increase of human resource cost will and shortage of manpower. Farmers have to throw away or burn those PE mulch film, this situation negatively influences the environment and soil.

Create new value- Brewery spent grain:

Brewery spent grain is a natural resource to make beer from TTL brand. Usually the side-product of the process becomes the remain of brewery spent grain.

From natural, finally back to soil

Applying Chiao Fu professional compounding material development skill, from material picking up to start, we use biomass material as foundation to connect TTL beer integration Brewery spent grain,high heat resistance strain, the advantage is to enrich soil and reduce chemical usage.

Systematic division of work

After completing the technology at the material end, it is necessary to cooperate with manufacturers and farmers, and carry out relevant tests on the soil after planting.

Turn over the traditional agricultural accessories

After 3-5 years of real field experiment, farmers can use the machine to turn the soil and bury the mulch film into the it. The mulch film can be naturally decomposed into the soil, without recycled by people, and verified by the relevant agents. The final outcome of soil has no plastic remain and is decomposed into CO2 and H2O to solve the problem of manpower, recycling and soil pollution caused by incomplete recycling.


  • During half a year of promotion, hundreds of farmers joined the activity of the biodegradable mulch film.
  • To become a partner of international foundations.
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