This webinar was co-organized by the Trade Council of Denmark, Taiwan Livestock Research Institute, and Circular Taiwan Network. It was held on 29 November 2021.

“Taiwan has been promoting biogas production from pig manure since 2017, but pig manure alone is not efficient. We are considering putting other kinds of organic matter into biogas tanks to improve digestion and productivity. Much more than pig waste can be turned into biogas and Taiwan can learn from Denmark’s experiences and best practices”, says Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture (COA) Deputy Minister Huang Chin-cheng.

By 2030, the Danish Biogas Association aims to replace natural gas in Denmark with biogas or biomethane. “Biogas has the potential to complement other renewable energy sources. It is also a great way to optimize the use of organic waste from agriculture, livestock farms, households and industry”, says Bo Monsted, director of the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei.

To create a feasible and sustainable business model, waste management regulations must be updated, as existing regulations limit the slurry resulting from biogas production being used as fertilizer, and do not allow materials such as fibers, enzymes and fats to be added to biogas tanks, where organic matter is fermented and burnable gas is captured.

The Circular Taiwan Network estimates that Taiwan’s biogas industry has the potential of generating NT$10 billion (US$359.58 million) per year, while creating 4,500 job opportunities.

Webinar recording:

“Circular Taiwan 2040-New opportunities in Taiwan’s Biogas Industry” Report
( in Chinese )