The Perfect Technology of “Solid-State Fermentation” Changes Mung Bean into Gold

"Mung Bean" is a popular dessert to cool-off in Taiwan. However, most of Mung Bean processing-derived waste like shells can be discarded only. KGbio believes that everything, including “waste”, has its life value, and therefore creates some functional products of "human health, NGP animal feed additive, and diabetes wound healing" out of Mung Bean shells. It is a successful pioneer of the Mung Bean shells transforming in the world.

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King’s Ground Biotech Co., Ltd. (KGbio) is located in Neipu Food Processing Zone in Pingtung. The companies and factories here have noticed that food processing waste is difficult to manage. As a key stone of the circular economy in Pingtung, the attitude of KGbio determines the altitude.

Several years ago, KGbio invited Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI) and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology (NPUST) to involve in the co-developed technology of fermented Mung Bean products; they spent one hundred million dollars and three years to deal with “Qualitative Analysis, Quantitative Analysis and Qualification”. The dream comes true when the valuable Mung Bean shells were born, and this is the power that KGbio focuses on “Circular Economy Innovation and Regional Industry Revitalization”.

KGbio has successfully developed the ingredients of various food waste to functional food, such as the waste of Mung Bean, lemon, tea, soybean, coffee and radish. The creation of the radish waste is the “functional dried radish” which is shortening the process from years to a month. Functional dried radish is a popular and healthy flavor of Chinese cooking meals. KGbio makes the leftover waste become a bountiful feast. Since getting things done through people is to focus on diversification waste, technology, resource, and co-branding at KGbio, exerting all efforts to promote “non-waste and regeneration” is the principle of KGbio.


  • The value of Mung Bean shells has been raised from 10NTD/KG to 100NTD/KG.
  • The value of radish waste has been raised from 10NTD/KG to 2,000NTD/KG.
Create the Food Waste Revolution Through Bio-Technology and Innovative Design