Create the Food Waste Revolution Through Bio-Technology and Innovative Design

Bionicraft is a BioLab/R&D/Design studio which is comprised of biologists, designers and architects. We are dedicated to biological research, conservation and innovation.

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We often take food for granted and never think twice about our consumption behaviors, but food waste in particular for it typically ends up in landfills or is sent to incinerators, is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions which leads to global warming and climate change. The vicious cycle created from the food we waste each day is astonishing.

Through biology observation and experiment, we applied biological technologies in designing bionic products and developing eco-integrated system solutions. Recently focus on innovative solutions of food waste upcycling - Reduce, Reuse, Up-cycle!

Biovessel is an indoor ecosystem which is inspired by nature and designed to deal with food waste, ; it brings nature into your urban home and redefines your waste by turning it into nutrients that feed new life! The form of Biovessel is designed from the data collected and biological research, experiments, and observation on the process of food waste decomposition. The information documented from these observations and experiments were then translated into parameters. Being defined and inspired by nature, the ecosystem that Biovessel creates is most suitable for its inhabitants and is the one that is most effective and most convenient for its users.

Made from food waste to grow nature, the making of Alphapot is helping to reduce and repurpose food waste in a more beautiful way. Alphapot is made from 100% organic food waste and biodegradable for sustainable lifestyles, which makes growing everything easy with its self-watering system. It is designed with a round base to hold a plant from a standard 4 inch pot, and the square opening feature allows for pots to be interconnected. The engravings around the base area of the pot enable Alphapot to decompose back into nature more efficiently. Let design and nature take care of your plants and bring green to your everyday.


  • Since 2017, over 100 tons of food waste has been upcycled worldwide using our product and technology.

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