New Value for Car Seat Production

In order to improve the utility of materials used on making car seats, UNI AUTO hopes to identify the production cost and waste cost generated during production. By demonstrating the focuses of improvement with numbers, we then carry out specific strategies to improve. This assists the company to effectively reduce the cost and improve profit. By strengthening the competitiveness of the business operation, our image in terms of environmental protection is improved. We maximize the utility of materials and create new values during production.

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Coordinating with Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, product Environmental Footprint and Resource Sustainability Promotion Project - Material Flow Cost Accounting Demonstration Counseling, UNI AUTO integrates material suppliers to achieve efficient resource reuse, adjust process materials and reduce wearing out, promote green manufacturing and pursue sustainable development.

Committing to reducing the wear out of seat cover material cutting process.

UNI AUTO PARTS uses Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) as an analytical method to create the economic value of car seats, carry out statistical analysis of items such as main materials, auxiliary materials, energy resources, system processes, and waste losses based on the law of immortality of matter, develop a MFCA structure diagram for the cutting process of the seat cover material, learn about process losses from the process MFCA structure and identify ways to reduce waste generation.

From seating processing management to processing material flow cost management.

The by products and waste generated during the cutting process of the seat cover material will cause the waste of company cost. The idea of MFCA task force is to eliminate the “waste” in the material flow process; the goal is to improve the utilization of process resource and to evaluate every resource input and output result from the process flow, which leads to a systematic improvement of the effectiveness of seat production process material flow cost management.


  • Take the model as example, it can be extended to other models and process save about 700,000 NTD a year.