Provide a New ID Card for Waste Silicon Slurry

Chen Ya uses the profitable business model of circular economy to solve environmental pollution problems. We have turned the waste silicon slurry of the solar industry into the resources of the steel industry and achieved industrial symbiosis.

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The motivation of Chen Ya is to solve the problem of waste silicon slurry in the solar industry. The crystalline wafer maker pays for the disposal of waste silicon slurry.

In the past, the disposal technology of waste treatment plants was not mature. Most waste silicon slurries are deposited in warehouses, which creates environmental safety issues. Some factories dumped, buried, or abandoned waste silicon slurry randomly, which caused many irreversible environmental pollution problems. The ambition of Chen Ya is to solve the disposal problems of waste silicon slurry and complete the great cycle of silicon wafer.

Zero Waste Target

In order to achieve the goal of zero waste, Chen Ya has made waste silicon slurry into silicon carbide briquettes by adopting the innovative application of the filtration system, drying system and crusting process, which is a zero-waste process. The silicon carbide briquettes can be used as heating agents for the steelmaking in steel industry. Not only do we recycle waste silicon slurry to be the resources for steel industry, but also help the steel industry to reduce steelmaking costs.

Cross-border Integration of Industrial Symbiosis

We provide circular economy consulting service of implementing zero waste semiconductor grinding wastewater. We also care about the disposal of waste solar modules and have developed localized waste module recycling technology.


  • It saves the treatment fee of waste silicon slurry in the crystal industry and effectively reduces the steelmaking cost of the steel industry. The total benefit can reach NT$70 million per year.

A Zero-waste, Eco-friendly and Cost-effective Total Solution, for LCD Waste Treatment