We Are Going to Build a Mine Cycle in Our World.

SDTI, Renato Lab, Dot Design, and Hum Chan collaborate to execute Conventional Industry Technology Development project, which started from 2018 by Industrial Development Bureau of MOEA. On this basis, combined with a large number of public space (by using public facilities) and temporary space equipment requirements (flexible customization), we hope to achieve a win-win case of circularity and "economy".

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Taiwan has a very high rate of resource recovery, representing a large number of "misplaced resources". With abundant creativity and excellent manufacturing quality, Taiwan has a unique niche for the development of circular economy under the trend of global sustainable issues.

In view of the need for long-term flexible use of public space, multi-functional furniture groups should be developed to meet the needs of seats, receipts, compartments this can be deleted, even extending to innovation building functions. It can be flexibly adjusted to a single chair, bench, arc and circle according to different spaces. This project adopts recycled materials, and follows the principle of recycling design: modularization, easy disassembly, maintenance and replacement of components, so as to prolong the service life of products.

In this project, we combine the strength from many different enterprises to build a connection between market demand and resource recovery. In order to build a sustainable recycling supply chain, we plan to integrate upstream to downstream industries which are involved in the alliance.

  • Market analysis: REnato lab、Dot Design
  • Recycling material support: SDTI、Hum Chan
  • Material R & D: SDTI、REnato lab、Hum Chan
  • Design: REnato lab、Dot Design
  • Manufacture: SDTI、REnato lab、Dot Design
  • Marketing: REnato lab、Dot Design

We used to mine in mines. Nowadays, we mine in cities. In the future, we are going to build a mining cycle in our society.


  • Raising e-waste value upon 11,560 thousand NTD.
  • Build an overall supply chain from R & D to Marketing.

Implement District Energy Integration and create a win-win-win situation