On COP 26's Taiwan Day Event, a 7-minute film was launched, featuring Taiwan’s success stories on the circular economy and calling for global circular collaboration. The film was co-produced by CTN and Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Administration.

This film begins by talking about the imperatives to change our ways of production and consumption. We must move away from the existing linear economy—massive extraction of raw materials and resources for manufacturing while creating massive waste, pollutions, GHG emissions and externalities—and transition into a circular economy of zero waste and zero emissions.

Taiwan’s CC4CC success are exemplified in 5 different facets: circular building, transportation, food industry, textile and electronics.

In a globalized and complex supply chain, no single company nor country can ascertain net zero alone. All the stakeholders must collaborate to transform our supply chain, our lifestyles and our mindset to create synergy towards net zero.

Link: CC4CC 

COP 26 Taiwan Day Event, Speech by CTN Chairperson Charles Huang