Connect Supply Chains of Gold Materials with Complete Gold Economy

More than Just Wastes, but Industrial-grade Materials through Recovery & Refining Technology
SOLAR effectively recovers the gold in scrap ICs using eco-friendly gold stripping solution and purifies it to 5N, industrial-grade gold (99.999%), which can be utilized directly in the production of gold products needed for industrial clients, achieving recovery & refining of industrial materials.

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Faster with One-stop Recovery & Refining of Gold Local in Taiwan

Direct disposal of scrap ICs not only leads to environmental pollution, but a waste of resources. Taiwan does not have gold mine. Hence, it relies solely on import of industrial gold. Should the supply fall short, supply chain disruption will occur. Back in the days, the scrap ICs in Taiwan would have to be exported overseas to recovery gold through smelters, which had a long period of return as a result. SOLAR constructed the gold recovery and refining lines locally in Taiwan that not only saves time but saves resources for Taiwan.

Recovery Itself Can Also Be Eco-Friendly

Different from other recycling operators, SOLAR introduced automatic design that significantly reduces the costs in desoldering scrap ICs. Preprocessing technologies such as separation of components and baseboard, sorting of components, hydrocyclone, and physical enrichment with hydraulic shaking table concentrator are employed for enriching, which significantly increase the gold content in the concentrate and reduce the costs in gold stripping solution.

Most of the gold stripping and recovery methods use cyanide. Cyanide is extremely toxic that is not eco-friendly and may lead to health issues of the operators if handled without care. Therefore, it is cyanide-free throughout our production process to reduce risks involved in the operation.

SOLAR works with other brand companies and assists in building up channels of collection while exercising the producer responsibility with these companies. From urban mining via e-waste collection and dismantling to physical enriching and from gold stripping and leaching to refining to 5N purity gold, SOLAR has successfully integrated all of the above into a complete cycle. SOLAR refines collected materials into industrial-grade products of 5N purity gold for the electronic industries and elevates the values attached to the products drastically.


  • SOLAR’s 5N purity gold refining capacity is up to 10 tons per month.