Case Studies・Taxonomy

Electronic and Chemistry

An environmentally conscious laptop computer made using recycled materials and featuring an easy-to-repair design.

Acer launched its first environmentally-

Industrial Collaboration–Moving Forward to Circular Economy

Based on the circular economy, we will f

The First Case, Converted Ammonia Wastewater into Raw Material of Semiconductor

TSMC endeavors to be a circular economy

Industry First – Recycle of Semiconductor-Grade Copper Materials

TSMC endeavors to be an practitioner of

TPCA Announces “Circular Economy Roadmap of Taiwan PCB Industry”

TPCA has commissioned the Industrial Tec

100% Recycling of Process Water in the Optronics Industry

The world is facing crisis and challenge

Recovering Economic Benefits from the Material Flow of Packaged Products

Recover Hidden Profits from the Trash C

An Innovative Solution for Circular Economy∣The Recycling of Developer

San Fu Chemical has established since 19

Develop Diversified Recycle Model to Improve Resource Efficiency

Taiwan has a complete upstream and downs

The High-Value Application of Semiconductor Slurry

Our R&D team develops high-value process

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