Develop Diversified Recycle Model to Improve Resource Efficiency

Taiwan has a complete upstream and downstream high-tech supply chain. The high-tech industry generates a large amount of waste solvents, such as waste isopropanol, in the wafer manufacturing and packaging process. This kind of waste was incinerated in the past. In order to reduce the incineration treatment and reduce the usage of petrochemical resources, ECOVE provides chemical waste solvent recycling services through process improvement and technologies integration to improve the value of waste solvent.

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ECOVE takes “Every Resource Counts” as its core value to improve resource recycling efficiency, focusing on solvent recovery, and steps into high-tech industry waste solvent purification service in 2018.

Use Pervaporation Inorganic Membrane to Increase theSupplication of Solvent

The designed pore size of the pervaporation membrane is smaller than the diameter of most organic solvent molecules, so the recovery rate of solvent can reach more than 99% with no other substances being added, and high purity products are obtained.

Pervaporation membrane has many advantages including small installation space, high efficiency, long life span and high separation factor etc. It can treat solvents such as alcohols, ethers, ketones, esters, hydrocarbons etc. Currently it has been applied in pharmaceutical companies, waste treatment and reuse plants, chemical plants and bioengineering companies in Taiwan and other Asian countries.

Create New Brand and Apply Technical Know-how

In order to practice the circular economy, ECOVE established the brand- ECOVE to consolidate all of its resources, which includes waste management and recycling, solar energy, sewage and reclaimed water treatment. Through investment services, operational and efficiency enhancement, technology integration and consulting services, ECOVE connects with the businesses and provides diversified recycle model.

Through intelligent, big data management and integrated technology applications, ECOVE connects with upstream and downstream manufacturers closely, in the form of supply chain cooperation. ECOVE also strives to maximize the value of each resource, practice circular economy and won the world's first BS 8001 circular economy verification.


  • It is estimated that about 6,600 tons of waste solvent can be recovered every year and returned to the market supply chain, which also reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 4,800 metric tons per year.

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