Industrial Collaboration–Moving Forward to Circular Economy

Based on the circular economy, we will fulfill our social responsibilities for the waste liquid generated by the supplied chemicals. We will cooperate with customers through the purification equipment and technology of the chemical plant to convert the used electronic grade isopropyl alcohol waste liquid into industrial use. The standard has brought it back to the market for customers to use, so that the isopropyl alcohol waste liquid can return to the industrial chain and achieve circular economy.

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As the largest manufacturer of electronic grade isopropyl alcohol in China, LCY Chemical Corp. adheres to the concept of “Eco + Prosperity” to assist downstream customers in the recycling and reuse of isopropyl alcohol waste. Reduce the environmental burden of wastewater treatment. Looking forward to the future. LCY Chemical Corp. will continue to integrate innovative R&D resources, actively increase the added value of products and international competitiveness in order to become a leading player in the global market and a world-class advanced chemical company providing green differentiated products.

High Value Cycle

Supplying new isopropyl alcohol solution through the operation processes of customers will produce waste liquid mixed with water and other substances; adhering to the concept of coexistence with the environment through the subversion of the traditional incineration operation mode. The development of professional technology differs from the industry; to assist downstream customers in the recycling and reuse of isopropyl alcohol waste liquid, LCY Chemical Corp. greatly reduces the burden of wastewater treatment and takes environmental friendliness into account while developing the economy.

Recycling Product Reuse

Through the core purification equipment and technology, the electronic grade isopropyl alcohol waste liquid used by semiconductor advanced process of the customers will be converted into industrial grade standard isopropyl alcohol via evaporation and distillation system, and will be returned to the industrial market for different fields. The use of the customers makes the original waste liquid can be returned to the industrial chain to achieve circular economy.


  • Annual output is around 1,800 tons of industry isopropyl alcohol after recycling. (Annual design max. industry grade IPA is 6,000 tons.)
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