Turning Pyrolysis Fuel Oil into Soft Carbon Materials Used in Electric Vehicles

In CPC, we turn petrochemical by-products, previously used as fuels or regarded as industrial wastes, into value-added materials. For example, the prolysis fuel oil (PFO), a potentially more pollutant by-product from oil refinery, can be processed into high-quality carbon materials with various applications. This also promotes the development of electric vehicle industry, thus achieving a win-win situation between energy conservation and petrochemical high-value application.

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Naphtha cracking generates petrochemicals such as ethylene, propylene, 1,3-butadiene, aromatics and cracked gasoline. Products with lower market values, such as PFO, are also generated,which is normally used as boiler fuel oil. In compliance with government's "Circular Economy" policy, CPC also takes proactive actions to alleviate the potential air pollution problem.

Petrochemical High-value Application and Industrial Integration

Through continuous processes, CPC turns PFO into petroleum coke, which can be converted to high-value carbon materials, including soft carbons used in lithium-ion battery anodes. This "CPC Amorphous Soft Carbon Material", shows fast-charging capability along with long life span and great safety when applied to lithium-ion battery. Since the operation cost for batteries is reduced, this technology could help to promote the development of electric motorcycle and vehicle industries.

Versatile Applications of PFO

The PFO converted soft carbon materials show excellent strength, thermo-stability, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and chemical stability. As a result, they can be applied to fields including electronics, metallurgy, mechanics, chemical engineering, nuclear energy, military and aerospace industrial research to produce battery anode materials, carbon fibers, nuclear graphite, ultra-high-power graphite electrode, high specific surface area active carbon, carbon nanotubes, electric double layer capacitors and various high value, energy-saving and environmental-friendly carbon materials.


  • When PFO is converted to soft carbon materials, its value is increased by 10 times.

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