Online Platform of Rental Service for Commodities

Rentalmarket's original intention was to improve the current business model and provide new type of rental services for commodities through combining platform and systematic processing of demand. In order to dispel the doubts and problems of demanders on second-hand goods, Rentalmarket performs commodity maintenance and checking with programmatic and institutionalized procedures to achieve product service. Through systematic cooperating with product suppliers, Rentalmarket provides rental service with more diversified commodities.

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Rentalmarket sees the asymmetry existed between the sides of demand and supply in the market and provides the rental service as the new choice of consumption for such phased, short period, and temporary needs. Rentalmarket builds a shared platform to make life easier and reduces the waste of resources at the same time.

Let commodities be reused and shared

Taking assistive device as an example. The needs for a short period of time are long-term unsatisfaction in the market. In addition, there are also lack of personnel to perform maintenance and refurbishment for the second-hand assistive device, so that people can only choose to purchase to meet the appeared demand.

In order to let commodities be reused and shared, two elements must be fulfilled. First, the information of commodities and services must be obtained easily when there are demands. The time and space costs of the demanders should not be increased. Second, the commodities must be specifically maintained and refurbished to ensure that the commodities can serve the function value well and dutifully.

Integrating and innovative business model

Rentalmarket designs and develops the platform system (website/APP) that is more in line with the rental requirement. Through the benefits of Internet, the demanders can easily find service providers, and the online customer service also can quickly check the demand conditions to meet the needs conveniently and efficiently.

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For the maintenance and repair (or refurbishment) of commodities, quality control procedures such as checking, repairing, cleaning, disinfection, packing, inspection, and storage are established to ensure the quality of the products like the functionality, safety, and sanitation, etc., so as to fully satisfy the needs of the demanders.


  • Rentalmarket had accomplished more than 3,000 services offering via product service and systematic cooperation within 19 months.

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